Sustainable Victory

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Finding victory in Jesus and discovering God’s heart for us is a process. The exhilarating feeling of victory in competition is not unlike experiencing God’s love. Yet, that the feeling often fades and true victory is found in having a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

A profound conviction is stated that it isn’t a sporadic feeling of ecstasy, but a daily experience anchored in embracing and accepting God’s love.

  1. Knowing Jesus: Being aware of His sacrificial love and accepting Him as our Lord and Saviour is the first step to experiencing true victory. A vivid story is shared about the birth of the speaker’s son to illustrate the joy and relief that come from a new life, drawing a parallel to receiving new life in Jesus.
  2. Following Jesus: To experience God’s victory, it’s critical not only to accept Jesus but also to follow His teachings. The speaker urges people to actively engage in discipleship, noting that growth in faith requires training and partnership.
  3. Embracing Jesus: The speaker iterates that experiencing God’s love isn’t burdensome. There is a clear insistence that it’s not merely about ticking off religious duties,but letting the true love and grace of God transform us.

Pursue a personal and transformative relationship with Jesus Christ. Understand that victory comes through knowing, following, and embracing Jesus can bring a purposeful transformation in everyday life.

Evaluate their spiritual walk and actively engage in growing their relationship with Jesus. In moments of doubt, hold on, experience victory in Christ daily by leaning His love.



1 John 5:4

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