Supernatural Unit

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Supernatural unity is crucial for the body of Christ to fulfill its purposes on earth. Within the church in Corinth, divisions and immaturity were threatening the fellowship. Through his letter, Paul provides insight and instruction from God to restore spiritual health and alignment. His prescriptions call us to examine our own hearts, relationships, and commitment to biblical unity today.

  1. We are all created in the image of God and have intrinsic worth. Our identity and value come from him.
  2. Through faith in Christ, we are reconciled to God and made new. We have been given the ministry of reconciliation.
  3. True unity is found as the Spirit bonds us together in truth, humility, and mission—focusing outward to impact the world for Christ.

May we answer Paul’s appeal to pursue agreement in Christ with diligence and care for one another. As the body of Christ, our oneness magnifies his gospel power and love. When divisions cease and maturity increases, the lost will see and respond to the reality of our Savior. Let us walk in the supernatural unity he died to provide.


Acts 18:5–8

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