Stages of Parenting

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Raising children to embrace faith and maintain healthy relationships is a dream shared by all Christian parents. Achieving this dream requires laying a strong foundation through consistent discipline, frequent grace, and unconditional love. By navigating the four stages of parenting – discipline, training, coaching, and friendship – parents can guide their children towards a life of faith and fulfillment.

  • Parents must give their children consistent discipline, frequent grace, and unconditional love.
  • There are four stages of parenting: discipline (birth to 5 years), training (6-12 years), coaching (13-18/19 years), and friendship (20+ years).
  • Discipline grows out of love and shapes a child’s view of God.
  • Parents should model and extend grace to their children, just as God shows grace to us.
  • Unconditional love is foundational to the family and faith, and is expressed through sacrifice and spending time with children.
  • Single parents and grandparents raising children can rely on God to fill in the gaps and provide support.
  • The process of raising children is like preparing an arrow – straightening, sharpening, aiming, and releasing them.

Parenting is a journey of love, sacrifice, and faith. By consistently disciplining, extending grace, and showing unconditional love, parents can guide their children towards a life rooted in Christ. Though the path may be challenging, God is always there to support and strengthen families. As children grow and become parents themselves, they will come to understand and appreciate the depth of their parents’ love. Let us commit to being patient, kind, and selfless in our parenting, trusting that God will use our efforts to shape the next generation of believers.


1 Corinthians 13:4-7

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