So You May Believe

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Have you ever wondered what life is truly about? Where you can find enduring meaning, hope, and purpose during challenging times? We will explore one of the most compelling narratives ever told – the Gospel of John.

For over 2000 years, this documentary account of Jesus has awoken people from the emptiness of this world and revealed the life that is ours in Him. We will glimpse signs of an incredible future and come to understand why Jesus alone satisfies the deepest longings of the human heart.

If you feel lost or lacking in the one thing that really matters, stay with us as we investigate who Jesus claimed to be and what He offers – you may find the life you were made for.

  1. The Gospel of John was written so that readers believe Jesus is the Messiah/Christ and Son of God, and that through faith in Him they may have eternal life.
  2. Jesus fulfilled Jewish expectations of a Messiah but also redefined the role by claiming divinity as the Son of God equal to God the Father.
  3. The “signs” or miracles Jesus performed in John, such as turning water to wine, healing illnesses, feeding large crowds, and raising Lazarus, point to what life will be like in God’s coming kingdom.
  4. The ultimate sign was Jesus’ death and resurrection, which previewed victory over sin and death for those who believe in Him.
  5. Eternal life is received through faith and trust in Christ alone as the Gospel of John was written for this purpose – so that readers would believe and have life in Jesus’s name.

As we have seen over the past weeks, the Gospel of John powerfully makes the case that Jesus is the source of eternal life. His death and resurrection previewed victory over our greatest enemies of sin, suffering, and death. But this life is only ours through faith – by abandoning our search everywhere else and wholeheartedly trusting in Christ alone. My encouragement is this – evaluate where you have been looking for fulfillment and meaning.

Have the idols of this world proven insufficient? Then I invite you to believe in Jesus today, surrender your life to His leadership, and begin experiencing the abundant life He promised. You will discover hope, purpose, and joy like never before. This good news was written so that through trusting Christ, each of us can wake from the sleep of despair and receive new life. My hope and prayer is that you take that step of faith today.


John 20:30-31

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