Small Habits — Big Results

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After a long and difficult year, many of us want to see tangible change in 2021. But are we depending on the right things? Relying on big goals and instant results often leads to failure. However, focusing on small daily disciplines seems counterintuitive – yet it holds the key to exponential growth.

The story of Elijah shows us how sticking to small habits during times of drought leads to downpour.

Today we’ll explore the power of putting God first through:

  1. Decide what will be the center of your life. Putting God first will make all other decisions easier. Your habits come from your heart and identity.
  2. Don’t dare despise small clouds. Do the small daily things that make a difference, even if you don’t see immediate results. These build up over time.
  3. Don’t give up before the downpour. Keep doing the right things and trusting God, even through valleys of drought. God will bring the rain.
  4. Develop important spiritual habits like daily time with God, connecting in a life group, and giving financially. These habits can change your life.
  5. God allows valleys of drought to build our faith, prepare us for rain, and turn us to His power. It’s not by our might, but by His Spirit.
  6. Rain is coming – the rain of God’s blessing and overflow in your life. But you have to walk through the process to get there.

Living a transformed life starts with the small things – choosing God above all else, practicing spiritual disciplines daily, and persevering through difficulty by His power alone. The rain will come – not on our timeframe or terms. But God promises to bring downpour on those who remain faithful to small habits.

Will you make this year different by putting God first in the small things?

Will you trust His promise of rain even through the drought?

Start today by simply spending time with Him – the first step that leads to life-changing transformation. No more excuses – just obedience, one day at a time. The small habits you form now will lead to dramatic change – if you refuse to give up.

Will today be the day you begin to experience the downpour God has waiting for you?


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