Sin Is Big, But Jesus Is Bigger

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Through sin, we have become estranged from God. Sin is a dangerous threat in our lives, something to be avoided. While sin is big and oppressive, Jesus is even greater. Jesus is our advocate and savior who can overcome sin through His righteousness.

Sin is menacing, dark, dirty, and diabolical.

It deserves God’s wrath and judgment. Sin is a global problem that affects all people.

Though sin is big, Jesus is bigger.

He is our advocate who speaks on our behalf to God. Jesus is righteous and just, making Him the ideal advocate.

Jesus is also our propitiation.

His death absorbs the wrath of God that we deserve because of our sins. Jesus’ death deals with sin not just for some, but for people from every nation and tribe.

Through Jesus we have an advocate with the Father who overcame sin through His sacrifice on the cross. He bore the wrath we deserved so that we could be forgiven. Jesus is greater than our sin.


1 John 2:1-2, 1 John 1:6-9, John 3:36

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