Sheep Among Wolves

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Have you ever wondered about the future of faith in our changing world? What will become of Christianity in the West as cultural influence declines? I recently returned from a revealing trip abroad that provided a glimpse into what could lie ahead if we don’t adjust course.

In Turkey and Germany, I visited small but vibrant churches that are living as “sheep among wolves” – outnumbered and facing resistance yet maintaining integrity and sharing their message with courage. Their realities of marginalization, low trust, and constant witnessing struck a chord as a wake-up call. Western Christianity seems destined for a similar future unless we adapt.

My encounter with these churches underscored the need for a drastic change if we want our faith to make an impact for the long run. As society grows increasingly post-Christian, we must shed notions of security and embrace a countercultural identity. Only by adopting a spirit of sacrificial discipleship can believers remain a “faithful remnant” spreading hope.

  1. Our churches in Turkey show the future of declining Christian influence in the West. Christians need to become a faithful remnant of missionary disciples.
  2. To do this, we must expect marginalization and suffering, live with integrity, and witness to Jesus in the power of the Spirit. We must be ready to be like sheep among wolves.
  3. Jesus was the ultimate sheep among wolves who was destroyed and overcome the world. We spread the gospel because we have the hope of resurrection, even if we face persecution.

The future is unwritten. We have the opportunity to choose a different path – one of humility, authenticity and unceasing goodwill toward others. While religious fervor alone will not win hearts or shape culture, lives transformed by genuine care, truth and purpose just might. Faith need not cling to dominance or demand agreement, but simply bear witness to what has proven life-giving through the ages.

If we accept marginalization not as a threat but as an invitation to reflect Christ’s servant spirit, our light may continue brightening darkness where it is found. Christianity’s most lasting fingerprints have seldom been etched through force, but instead by those unafraid to walk as Jesus walked – with integrity, resilience and compassion for all. I pray this perspective empowers you to join building God’s kingdom alongside unlikely fellow travelers, and bring new hope wherever your own journey leads.


Matthew 10:16-25

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