She Has Done A Beautiful Thing

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Mark 14 contains both an example to avoid and an example to follow. While Judas betrays Jesus for money, showing us the dangers of utilitarian faith, Mary extravagantly anoints Jesus, demonstrating wholehearted devotion that values Christ above all else.

  1. The religious leaders plot to secretly arrest and kill Jesus during the Passover festival.
  2. Shockingly, Judas betrays Jesus to the religious leaders for money, even after spending years with Jesus.
  3. At a dinner in Bethany, Mary anoints Jesus with expensive perfume, pouring it over his head and feet.
  4. Some disciples, especially Judas, scolded Mary for wasting money instead of selling the perfume to help the poor.
  5. Jesus defended Mary, saying her act of devotion was beautiful and she rightly prioritized honoring him.
  6. Mary and Judas show two contrasting responses – extravagant devotion versus utilitarian betrayal.

May we be more like Mary, so captivated by Christ’s worth and sacrifice that we joyfully pour out our lives in wholehearted worship, rather than treating Jesus as merely a means to our own ends. As we sit at Jesus’ feet, considering his surpassing value and lavish love, may our hearts be so changed that we eagerly give our all for Him.


Mark 14:1-11

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