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How well do you really know God? For centuries, Christians have struggled to reconcile their conception of a distant, eternal”God” with the more familiar, human image of Jesus. In this talk, the speaker explores how Jesus came not just to teach us about God, but to reveal the very nature and heart of God himself. By unraveling two fundamental beliefs about the identity and purpose of Christ, we are challenged to rethink everything we thought we knew about the Father. If we truly want to understand what God is like, Jesus shows us that we must look no further than him.

  • Jesus is God’s son and our King. Peter declared that Jesus was “God’s final King.” Jesus accepted this description, showing its essential nature.
  • Jesus came to illustrate and demonstrate what God is like. The Gospels are not just Bible stories but document Jesus’ revelation of the Father. If we know Jesus, we know the Father. Jesus’ purpose was to make the mysteries of God clear through his life and teachings.

Christ’s teachings challenge us to review our own pictures of God and see if they align with Jesus. If our view of “God” and “Jesus” conjure different emotions, we have work to do to reconcile them based on what Jesus revealed.

Jesus came to reveal the Father in a way no prophet or teaching ever could. As we learn more about Jesus through the Gospels, we come to truly know and love the God who sent him.


Hebrews 10:1, John 14:9

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