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Our culture’s obsession with sex and identity has left many unsatisfied and confused. Yet the Bible’s wisdom on human sexuality points to something more beautiful and life-giving. When viewed through the lens of creation, marriage, and the gospel, God’s design for sex reveals deep spiritual truths that can transform our lives.

  1. The Christian understanding of sex is a window into the structure of creation. Sex was designed by God to point to greater spiritual realities.
  2. The Christian understanding of sex reveals God’s heart for diversity in union. God created male and female to join together in marriage, reflecting God’s own nature as three persons in one.
  3. The Christian understanding of sex invites counter-cultural living. Christians can counter culture by:
    • Seeing sex as more important and less important than culture does
    • Pursuing deep friendship without sexualizing it
    • Cultivating oneness in marriage
    • Pursuing courageous hope in Christ
  4. All humans are sexual sinners, but we are not defined by our sexuality. Our identity is found in Christ.
  5. Through the cross, Christ welcomes broken and sinful people. His love covers our worst sin and shame. We can come to Him for mercy, forgiveness, and hope.

The cross of Christ offers hope for every sexual struggle. Jesus invites the weary and shame-filled to come to Him for mercy and new life. Will you accept His invitation today? Surrender your sexuality – your deepest desires and shame – to Him. Reject the lies that say your identity is found in your sin.

Believe the truth that in Christ you are royalty, an heir of grace. Though the road ahead may be difficult, walk in courageous hope. Your Heavenly Father loves you deeply and delights to call you His own. Come, and find rest for your soul in Jesus Christ.


Genesis 2:18-25

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