Set Apart

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What does it truly mean to live as God’s children – not just in name, but in daily practice? This sermon challenges professing Christians with an uncomfortable truth: that many are “messing around” spiritually instead of truly walking in righteousness.

Bible passages that deal with sin and obedience are challenging, pushing believers to wrestle with areas of their lives that may not reflect true “practice” of godliness. For some, repentance and surrendering all to Jesus are needed for the very first time. But for all, turning back to our Heavenly Father brings the joy of being once again embraced as his “little children” – purified and made ready for his return. This sermon calls us to answer one question: are we practicing what we preach?

  • Christians cannot justify sin by saying it’s only their body that sins, not their spirit. God sees all sin as lawlessness.
  • Believers cannot claim they never sin, but those born of God do not practice sin continuously. True followers practice righteousness.
  • Though God wants obedience, he desires closer relationship more. He calls us his “little children” and wants us to turn towards him when we sin.
  • Some Christians are “messing around” spiritually instead of truly practicing righteousness. We must examine if we really practice what we preach.
  • True repentance brings us running into the loving arms of our Heavenly Father like the prodigal son.

The answers we find may be uncomfortable, but the freedom of living as God truly intended – free from the deceptions of this world – is well worth walking the path of true righteousness. We must repent, turn to our Heavenly Father, and live as his children – purified and made ready for his return. Are you ready to answer the call to not just claim the title “Christian”, but to fully live as Christ’s?


1 John 3:4-11, 1 John 1:8

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