Saul-Chosen & Anointed

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We all struggle with feelings of self-doubt at times. Those nagging whispers that tell us we’re not good enough, that tell us to give up rather than attempt something daring. What we often fail to realize is that moments of uncertainty often conceal opportunities for growth.

In ancient Israel, a man named Saul would come to learn this lesson. Though outwardly he seemed destined for greatness, inwardly Saul battled deep insecurities. When fate came knocking, would Saul find the courage to answer? His story reveals how even our perceived weaknesses hold the seeds of strength, if we have the courage to cultivate them.

  1. Saul was a wealthy, handsome, and tall man from the tribe of Benjamin. However, he came from a troubled background, as the Benjamites had protected criminals in the past.
  2. When Saul’s father’s donkeys went missing, Saul searched for them obediently at first but was ready to give up after just three days. His servant proved more resourceful in suggesting they visit the prophet Samuel.
  3. When Samuel anointed Saul as the future king, Saul responded with humility and hesitation, questioning why he would be chosen.
  4. After being privately anointed as king by Samuel, Saul did not tell his uncle about this, only mentioning the donkeys, showing reticence about his calling.
  5. Saul hid when he was chosen publicly as king, displaying possible cowardice or insecurity about the role.
  6. Saul is presented as a mixed bag – he has good qualities but also concerning weaknesses. The text shows he struggled with inadequacy and insecurity when faced with his calling.

Saul’s journey shows us that true leadership lies not in one’s titles or talents alone, but in how we face our fears. When uncertainty lurks within, it’s easy to shrink from challenges or hide what we’re made of. But our perceived limits say more about the stories we’ve told ourselves than our potential. By embracing moments that scare us instead of fleeing from them, we gain the chance to rewrite those stories into something bolder.

The next time you feel inadequate for a task, remember that within that task may rest an opportunity for personal breakthrough. Have faith that you possess reserves of courage, tenacity and wisdom you never knew existed. Dare to step into the roles destiny has carved out for you, and watch your perceived weaknesses bloom into the strengths that can inspire others.


1 Samuel 10:17-27

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