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The story of Samson reveals humanity’s tendency towards sin and compromise. Although chosen by God and gifted with supernatural strength, Samson is ruled by selfishness and lust. He disregards his calling as a Nazarite and fails to deliver Israel from oppression. Samson’s life serves as a mirror, reflecting how we are all prone to temptation and sin. Only in Jesus do we find freedom from sin’s cycle of death.

  • Samson’s birth was miraculous, but he compromised his vow and calling. Jesus’ birth was miraculous, but he remained faithful.
  • Samson dishonored women and did as he pleased. Jesus empowered women and lived to please God.
  • Samson was seduced by evil. Jesus overcame evil.
  • While Samson used his power for himself, Jesus gave his power to save us.
  • Samson’s story ends in death. Jesus rose victorious over sin, Satan, and death.

In Jesus, we have righteousness, holiness, and life. God’s plan was always Jesus, not our efforts. Jesus defeated our enemy, putting sin to death and destroying death’s grip. Though Samson descended into sin, God redeemed him. God uses imperfect lives for his perfect will. This reveals rescue was always about Jesus.

Receive Jesus, who paid the price, lived, died, and rose for us. In him, we escape sin and death, gaining God’s righteousness and life. Stand in Christ’s victory. Let’s shine his light, fighting for good and God’s glory.


Judges 16:1-31, Philippians 2:5-11

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