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Countercultural Covictions


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God offers a rescue mission unlike any other – a salvation not of our own making but born of His grace, love, and purposes. What seemed impossible – redeeming broken lives and fitting us for glory – God accomplished through His sovereign grace.

This salvation changes everything, bringing us from wrath into sonship, from alienation into family, and from rubble into works of living art. Join me as we explore how God’s grace saves us…

  1. We are saved from God’s wrath. Jesus absorbed God’s wrath on the cross so that those who believe in Him are saved from condemnation.
  2. We are saved by God’s grace. Salvation is not by our works or good deeds, but purely by God’s unmerited grace and mercy.
  3. We are saved because of God’s love. God’s grace flows from His unconditional love for us. He saves us because He loves us.
  4. We are saved into God’s family, the church. Salvation brings us into the new community of believers, the body of Christ.
  5. We are saved for God’s glory. God saves us and shapes us through the process of salvation so that He can display His grace and goodness through our lives, for His glory.

God’s salvation story – rescuing us from wrath, conforming us to His purposes through grace – is the greatest love story ever told. Will you accept this gift, open your hands to grace beyond measure, and join God’s masterpiece in progress?

Surrender to His love, receive His salvation, and watch as grace transforms you from within – fitting you piece by piece for His glory. Will you follow the storyline He has crafted just for you?


Ephesians 2:1-10

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