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Romans 3-8

Romans 6:15-23

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We are all slaves – either to sin or to righteousness. Drawing from Romans 6, he exposes the reality of our bondage and reveals the path to true freedom through Jesus Christ. Get ready to be challenged, inspired, and transformed as you discover what it means to be saved to serve a better master.

  1. Apart from God, all humans are enslaved to sin, unable to free themselves by their own power.
  2. As Christians, we have been set free from sin and become slaves of righteousness, with Jesus as our master.
  3. Grace is not God being lenient towards sin, but recognizing the severity of all sin and choosing to forgive it through Christ’s sacrifice.
  4. Submitting to God as our master leads to sanctification, eternal life, and true happiness.
  5. Our growth and sanctification depend on God’s gracious provision, not our own willpower.

The truth is clear: we are all slaves, either to sin or to righteousness. As Christians, we have been set free from the bondage of sin through the blood of Jesus Christ. However, this freedom is not a license to indulge in our old ways; rather, it is a call to submit every moment of our lives to our new master, Jesus.

By acknowledging our core idols and relying on God’s gracious provision, we can experience true sanctification, lasting joy, and eternal life. So let us fight the good fight, knowing that our happiness and holiness are inextricably linked in Christ.


Romans 6:15-23

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