Render to Caesar

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Jesus’ statement to “render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s” is one of the most influential political statements ever made. It recognizes the separate spheres of earthly and heavenly authority, while calling us to be good citizens of both kingdoms as followers of Christ.

  • We owe obedience, money, and prayer to earthly authorities.
  • There are limits on what we owe earthly authorities, especially when they conflict with God’s commands.
  • The kingdom of God is primary and takes precedence over earthly kingdoms.

As citizens of both the kingdom of man and the kingdom of God, we seek to honor governing authorities, while remembering our ultimate citizenship is in God’s eternal kingdom. When the two come into conflict, God’s kingdom takes precedence. We find our identity, joy, and hope in Christ above any earthly ruler or nation.


Mark 12:13-17

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