Reclaiming A Life of Prayer

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Our prayers often resemble emergency calls rather than treasured conversations – hurried requests void of intimacy and connection. We speak to fix problems but rarely linger to listen and share our hearts. Yet prayer was designed for continual communication with our Heavenly Father, a pattern of relating that draws us ever closer into His divine purpose and presence.

If we hope to experience the depths of prayer Jesus modeled and taught, we must move beyond intermittent pleading and habit to cultivating an ongoing dialogue of intimacy and transformation with the One who waits patiently for us to draw near.

  • We were meant for continual communication with God, but often our prayers focus only on asking God to fix problems instead of nurturing a relationship.
  • Jesus’ death gave us access to the Father, yet we often pray in an “old testament” way that misses this intimacy.
  • We must move from praying during emergencies or out of habit to developing a pattern of communication throughout the day that connects us to God’s heart.

Prayer is meant to be so much more than a hurried ritual or last resort in times of trouble. When we pray as Jesus did – pouring out our hearts continually as a beloved child to an eternal Father – we open ourselves to experience the abundant life and profound peace that only true intimacy with God can bring. Make prayer a priority today.

Set aside time each morning and evening to be still and listen for His voice. Throughout the day, keep an open line of communication, sharing your worries, joys, aspirations and burdens as you walk the path God has laid before you.

Draw near to the God who longs to draw near to you. Only as we devote ourselves fully to prayer will we discover its endless wonder – glimpsing heaven as God’s purposes unfold within our lives, empowering us to live as Christ lived and love as Christ loved. Make prayer your first choice, not your last resort, and you will never be the same again.



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