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Receive the Messiah

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The aroma of peppermint and pine fills the brisk December air as familiar carols echo in the distance. Christmas is coming yet again, awakening nostalgic memories alongside new delights. But could there be more to this season than the twinkling lights, festive foods, and thoughtful gifts so diligently prepared? What if Christmas holds for us an experience yet unrealized, a deeper meaning yet undiscovered?

The ancient prophet Jeremiah invites us to pause amidst the flurry of activity this Christmas season. Though his world was crumbling under corrupt kings and wayward shepherds, God gave him a stunning vision – the promise of a righteous King and perfect Deliverer yet to come. Jeremiah’s prophetic words, echoed by angelic hosts centuries later, signal that first Christmas night as the dawn of humanity’s greatest hope.

Jeremiah’s bold declaration breaches the ages with undimmed clarity: This Christmas can be transformed from a frantic season of temporary pleasures into a celebration of life’s greatest treasure. The child born to Mary that starry Bethlehem night came as the long-awaited Messiah, the very Wisdom and Righteousness of God enveloped in human frailty. To receive Him afresh this Christmas is to enter into the joy of saints and angels, the very fullness of experience our Creator intends. Let the prophet’s ancient vision guide us onward to rekindle Christmas wonder through receiving God’s promised gift to humanity – His only Son, our glorious King.

  1. God promised to raise up a righteous descendant of David to be king (v. 5). This refers to Jesus, the Messiah.
  2. This king will reign wisely and justly (v. 5). Jesus will be the perfect, righteous king that Israel had longed for.
  3. This king will save both Judah and Israel (unified kingdom) and they will live securely (v. 6). Jesus came to save both Jews and Gentiles who put their faith in him.
  4. This king will be called “The Lord Our Righteousness” (v. 6). Jesus is the source of righteousness for all who believe. We are made righteous in God’s sight through faith in Christ.
  5. This future deliverance through the Messiah will be even greater than the Exodus from Egypt (vv. 7-8). God’s saving work through Christ for Jews and Gentiles all over the world will be his greatest display of power.

As the last strands of “Silent Night” fade into the crisp eve, we stand at a crossroads. We have basked in the nostalgia of the season, jaws sticky with candy canes and arms laden with glittering gifts. Yet has our Christmas been merely a sentimental facade hiding inner emptiness? Or have we met the promised Messiah given to transform our frigid world into the warmth of an eternal kingdom?

The child of Bethlehem came to establish God’s reign of perfect righteousness and peace through the all-sufficient sacrifice of Calvary. And today, He stands ready to rule and reign in the hearts of all who receive Him. We need no longer settle for failed kings or counterfeit saviors. Instead, we can enthrone the Lord Jesus Christ as the rightful Sovereign over every arena of our lives.

As the last Christmas carol fades, will you receive the Messiah afresh on bended knee? Will you yield every ambition, relationship, struggle and victory to His gracious rule? Oh come, let us adore Him. For only as we bow before the King of Kings will we experience the unspeakable treasure of a truly Christmas transformed.


Jeremiah 23:5–6

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