Promises That Produce Peace

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Have you ever felt like life had more splinters than peace? Like you were bumping against the grain of reality instead of flowing with it? Jesus came to show us the true rhythm of life – a harmony we were made for but have long forgotten. His promises point the way to peace, but first we must love the one who promises.

  1. Jesus gives promises, not just recommendations. These promises produce peace.
  2. If you love Jesus, you will:
    • Start living the way you were meant to live by obeying his commandments.
    • Experience life with God near you, with you, and in you through the Holy Spirit.
    • Live just like Jesus did, even after death.
  3. These promises are for those who love Jesus. The key question is: Do you love Jesus?
  4. The amount of love does not matter. What matters is if there is love for Jesus in your heart. Even a little love is enough.
  5. For those who do not yet love Jesus, the gift is clarity to see things as they are. They can then pray and ask God to help them love Jesus.
  6. Jesus loves us so much that he is giving us himself through the Holy Spirit, which gives us peace.

The question remains: Do you love Jesus? If so, his promises are for you – life with the life-giver himself. But even if you don’t yet love him, he still loves you. His arms remain open, his spirit beckoning you home.

Will you respond to his love? Will you let his promises transform you from the inside out, calming your restless heart and guiding your feet onto the path of true peace?

Jesus offers himself – the source of life, love and light. Will you receive him, and discover the promises that can change everything?


John 14:15-31

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