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Invisible God

Present, Not Accounted For

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Life’s elusive paradoxes have long intrigued us: the dance of creation and decay, the birth of order from chaos, and the impalpable energy driving humanity’s creativity and bonding. The Holy Spirit is the answer – God’s unseen yet tangible action powering our world. This same divine essence, once brooding over primordial emptiness, now infuses our lives with direction, liberation, and vigor. By recognizing and utilizing the Holy Spirit’s dynamic potential, we may unearth the secret underpinning both the visible and the hidden.

  • The Bible describes the Holy Spirit as God’s invisible animating energy – His breath, wind and essence.
  • Genesis describes the Holy Spirit hovering over the chaotic void and creating order through God speaking things into existence.
  • Though science tells a slightly different creation story, there are similarities in how order emerged from chaos.
  • Humanity is uniquely able to connect with God’s Spirit as we ourselves have an invisible animating energy that drives our thoughts and actions.
  • When we place our faith in Jesus, God’s Spirit breaths new life into us, empowering us and guiding us away from chaos.

God’s Spirit is hovering over our chaos, ready to breathe new life and order into our lives when we surrender to His leading. May we tap into this invisible animating energy that seeks to create and sustain us.


Genesis 1:1-2, Genesis 2:7 , Job 32:8 , Ephesians 5:18-22

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