Prepare the Way

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This Palm Sunday, we remember Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem and also reflect on the passion he displayed that led him to the cross. As we consider the events of Holy Week, the account of John the Baptist’s death gives us insight into God’s sovereignty over the circumstances that would lead to Christ’s sacrifice for us.

  1. John the Baptist’s life and ministry pointed ahead to Jesus as the Messiah. He lived to prepare the way for Christ.
  2. John boldly spoke truth and confronted sin, even at the risk of death, foreshadowing Jesus’ courage.
  3. The details around John’s death, including the scheming and pressure on Herod, parallel Jesus’ trial and crucifixion.
  4. John’s burial pointed forward to Jesus’ burial, showing God’s sovereignty over the events.
  5. The Last Supper was linked to the Passover meal, revealing God’s control in bringing about the “second Exodus.”

During this Holy Week, may we marvel at how God orchestrated events to bring about our salvation. And as we partake in communion, let us reflect on the body and blood of Jesus, given for us, and resolve to live for him.


Mark 6:14-29

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