Path to Discipleship

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What does it truly mean to be a follower of Jesus? Many claim the title, yet fall devastatingly short. Fan or follower – is there a difference? Jesus demands far more than casual admiration. Becoming his disciple reshapes every dimension of life, requiring repentance, sacrifice, surrender, mission, and full obedience.

This path promises no rose garden, yet weeds abound. Righteous living collides with culture. Temptation lurks at every turn. Persecution awaits those branded with Christ’s name. Still, blessings immeasurable shine on the horizon.

Authentic discipleship transforms identity, purpose, priorities, and perspective. As Christ’s truth renovates the soul, joy and freedom emerge. Self-denial leads to self-discovery. Dying to self opens doors to life abundant and eternal. The world’s ways seduce and betray; Jesus’ words liberate and satisfy.

Will you follow in full devotion? Or settle as a casual fan? If willing to count the cost, unexpected glory awaits. Jesus beckons deeper. How will you respond?

  1. A fan is not a Christian because a fan is not a disciple. Discipleship is non-negotiable – you must repent and commit to following Jesus in every area of your life.
  2. Discipleship is full on, all the way. It means adopting Jesus’ worldview, beliefs, values, and way of life as revealed in Scripture.
  3. Discipleship is costly. It requires denying yourself, losing your rights, and yielding your will and ambitions to Christ.
  4. Discipleship is missional. Disciples seek to make disciples of all nations, realizing that sharing Christ is God’s work through us.
  5. Discipleship requires a response – investigating and committing to all Jesus commanded. When culture and Jesus conflict, disciples choose Jesus. Here is a potential powerful conclusion that motivates change:

The call of Jesus rings out today – as challenging as ever – bidding all who have ears to hear. His radical invitation remains open – to surrender completely in order to discover life’s greatest treasure.

Casual fans need not apply. The curriculum in Christ’s school of discipleship extracts everything, requiring unrivaled allegiance. Those enrolled walk a narrow road resisting culture’s compromises. Still, joy unspeakable awaits those embracing the Cost.

The world promises thrills that never satisfy. Jesus offers hardship that leads to abundant life. Earthly pleasures shine brightly, only to quickly fade. The way of the cross often appears dark, but leads to imperishable reward.

Which will you choose? Conformity or conviction? Comfort or character? Personal freedom or spiritual freedom? Living for self or living for Christ? The risky road of repentance, renewal and obedience promises peace beyond understanding.

Join the disciples who forsook all to follow the Master. Be all in with abandon. The truest version of yourself awaits revelation through losing your life in Jesus. Drink deeply from the well that never runs dry. Discover the power in powerlessness. Rise up in resolve to walk heaven’s Highway with focus fixed on the Prize. Be all in!

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