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In The Beginning

Out of Nothing

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In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. This opening line of Scripture reveals key truths about who God is and how we should respond to Him.

As we study the creation account in Genesis 1, we see a God who is self-existent, existing before anything else and needing nothing else to sustain Him. We also see an all-powerful God who effortlessly speaks the universe into being, demonstrating supreme authority over all He has made.

We glimpse an all-inspiring creative force engineering light, sky, land, sea, plants, animals and ultimately humans with artful skill. Our view of this big, transcendent, yet personal God should prompt worshipful awe and submission from our lives. If we properly understand the bigness of our Creator, we will allow all areas of our lives to fall under His wise and caring leadership.

  1. God is self-existent – He existed before creation, as shown by the opening words “In the beginning, God.” The Bible and the universe center around Him.
  2. God is all-powerful – He created everything out of nothing just by speaking it into existence. The repeated phrase in Genesis 1 is “And God said…and it was so.”
  3. God is all-inspiring – He perfectly designed the universe and all creation as the Master Designer. We see His artistry in things like light, land, water, vegetation, animals, and humans.

Our view of God determines how we respond to Him. If we see God as He truly is – eternal, all-powerful, awe-inspiring – our natural response will be reverence, worship, and unconditional obedience. As our vision of God’s greatness dims, so does our inclination to submit our lives entirely to Him.

Fight the urge to minimize God and elevate other priorities. This requires regular time studying Scripture to recalibrate our perspective. It also means refusing to cower to the Enemy’s lies about God’s trustworthiness.

When our view of God is small, our lives orbit around us. As our view enlarges, God becomes the blazing Sun around which our lives joyfully revolve. We bask in His warmth, flourish under His light, and find purpose reflecting His brilliance.

Seeing the bigness of God inspires radical life change. Our choices, time, resources and relationships must align under the magnificent Creator of heaven and earth. He lovingly designed us for this responsive way of living.


Genesis 1:1

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