Operating in the Power of God

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Have you ever experienced a moment so inexplicable that it could only be explained by a higher power? Within these pages lies accounts of divine encounters that shook people to their core and transformed lives in an instant. From physical and mental healings to profound peace in the midst of turmoil, God’s power continues to manifest in extraordinary ways. Join me in exploring testimonies of God’s irresistible movements and glimpsing the depths of his love and mercy for humankind.

  • God works his power through his people as they are submitted to him in humility and awe.
  • The testimony of a transformed life is evidence of the power of God.
  • The wisdom of this world has many forms and is deceptive and appealing but is powerless and empty in the end.
  • Most of the disciples were ordinary unschooled men, not trained, not elite or perfect in the world’s eyes but God changed the world through them.
  • God’s power is available to His children for healing, wholeness, mercy, grace, purpose, contentment, peace and a sound mind.

While the ways of God often bewilder human reason, his love for us remains steadfast. As we reflect on the miracles witnessed, may we feel renewed in spirit to live as vessels of his healing grace. Though the challenges of this world seem endless, let the peace that transcends understanding inhabit your mind and the hope of Christ’s resurrection power lift your heart. God calls each of us to lives marked by humility, compassion and courage – simply sharing theGood News of salvation with those longing to know their Creator. May the seeds of faith planted here bear lasting fruit for his glory.

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