One Year Later

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The events of the past year have shaken us to our core. A tiny virus swept across the globe, disrupting our lives in ways we could never have imagined. Livelihoods were lost, beloved community gatherings canceled, and we learned just how fragile our well-laid plans can be. Through it all, most of us have experienced feelings of fear, loss of control, and isolation like never before. As we reflect on this tumultuous time one year later, what lessons can we draw from this trial by fire?

What fundamental truths has it revealed about what really matters and how we can face uncertainty with courage rather than fear? Join me today as we explore three profound insights the pandemic has taught us about finding hope, community and purpose even in our most difficult seasons.

  1. We do not have control over life, but we do not have to be afraid because God is our good shepherd who is in control. We can surrender to his kindness through prayer.
  2. The best parts of life are not digital. We need to lean into embodied experiences and community.
  3. Trials reveal what we are trusting in. We must center ourselves on Jesus, who conquered death and frees us from the fear of death.

The trials of this past year have revealed what we place our deepest trust in. For many, they exposed the instability of trusting in health, careers or relationships alone for fulfillment and security. But for those who have centered their lives on Jesus Christ, they demonstrated the unshakable hope and comfort we can know even when surrounded by suffering. As we look toward the future, may we hold loosely our plans and comforts, and cling tightly to our Savior who has overcome this world. And may we commit to embracing life fully through intentional community with others, rather than retreating into isolation or a lifeless digital existence.

When the next storm comes, as come it surely will, let us stand fast – because greater is He who is in us than any turmoil the world can unleash. This is the lesson the pandemic can teach us for a lifetime, if we have eyes to see.


Psalm 23

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