My Friend Jesus

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Have you ever met someone who completely defied expectations? Someone humble yet powerful, gentle yet uncompromising, who loved without judgment?

I’m here today to tell you about an incredible man I’ve come to know, someone whose story transcends religion or background. His name was Jesus, but what sets him apart is not just his legacy – it’s that he was unlike anyone who came before or after. Join me in hearing anew about this remarkable figure who challenged convention and transformed lives.

  • Jesus is not like anyone else. He is incredibly humble. When tempted with power and glory, he chose to remain humble and faithful.
  • Jesus treated marginalized people, like lepers, with compassion. He wasn’t afraid to touch and heal them.
  • Jesus is powerful. He calmed a raging storm with a word. He delivered a demon-possessed man.
  • Jesus hates hypocrisy, especially religious hypocrisy. He boldly confronted the religious leaders.
  • Jesus loved and dignified an immoral woman when the religious leaders scorned her.
  • Jesus is remarkable – compassionate, powerful, tender yet tough. We should follow, know, enjoy and trust him. He is the light of the world.

The truths of Jesus’ character and teachings still disrupt patterns of thought over 2000 years later. He calls us to live without hypocrisy, showing compassion to all people regardless of status, and finding purpose greater than ourselves. While the details of his life may be familiar, I invite you to see him with fresh eyes – as someone surprising, consistent in love yet unafraid to confront injustice. His example suggests that real change begins from the inside out, through humility, service and acknowledging our shared humanity.

Though the challenges of this life may seem overwhelming, Jesus offers light that can guide our paths and fill our lives with meaning. I hope you will continue reflecting on the profound yet practical lessons of this man who still uplifts the downtrodden and disturbs the complacent. His story is one that can renew our lives if we have the courage to truly listen.


John 8:12

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