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Jesus offers us truth, life, and direction. However, many people try to worship God on their own terms through a blend of religions known as syncretism. This sermon highlights three ways we fail to truly follow Jesus:

Syncretism and God in the Image of Micah

This describes how Micah and his mother try to worship God through idols and other household gods. Their blended religion shows confusion instead of rightly worshipping God on His terms alone. The antidote is knowing Jesus as the only way to God.

Sacramentalism and the Lucky Levite

Micah hires a Levite priest to legitimize his shrine in hopes of earning God’s favor. But rituals and religious deeds cannot earn God’s blessing. The antidote is knowing Jesus as the life who gives us blessing through His sacrifice, not our actions.

Subjectivism and “You Do You Dan”

The tribe of Dan steals Micah’s idol to worship on their own terms. Self-serving religion only brings God’s judgment, not blessing. The antidote is knowing Jesus as the truth who reveals the right way to worship and live.

Jesus offers us the certainty of blessing and truth through faith in Him, not our own efforts or ideas. Put your trust in Jesus today.


Judges 17:1-13, Ephesians 1:13-14, John 9 , John 14:6, Ephesians 1:3-4

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