Maturing In Christ

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Living immaturely as a child when we are called to mature like Christ is unacceptable. Paul’s letter to the Corinthian church calls them to put away childish things and embrace spiritual growth. As believers, we are continually being transformed into the image of our perfect Lord through faith, obedience and service. But if we allow immaturity to dictate our lives, we stall our progress. Today, let us examine where immaturity still holds influence and commit to cultivating the character of Christ through intentional spiritual development.

  1. Paul is addressing immaturity in the Corinthian church
  2. There are signs of immaturity like jealousy, strife, and fleshly behavior
  3. Babies act like babies, but adults should not act immature
  4. Christians are called to grow in maturity and put away childish things
  5. Making Jesus fully Lord is the key to overcoming immaturity

When we surrender fully to Jesus’ lordship, immaturity loses its power over us. His love compels us to serve not ourselves, but others. May we each purpose to identify areas still in need of Christ-like maturity and cooperate with Him to be conformed daily into His likeness. As the church, let us exemplify spiritual adulthood through unity, humility and mutual care for one another. Then the world will see the beauty and truth of the gospel manifested in us.

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Learn how to overcome immaturity in your walk with Christ by surrendering to His lordship, identifying areas still fleshly, and cooperating with God’s transforming work through faith, obedience, and serving others rather than yourself (125 characters)


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