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The Land Between

Mastering The Mundane

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There is a “land between” – the time in our lives between major events or milestones when we are not necessarily where we want to be but also not where we used to be. We can master these in-between seasons.

5 Things Cultivated by the Mundane:

  1. Calling – Our calling is cultivated by the mundane tasks and moments in our life when we see every task as part of our god-given mission.
  2. Character – The mundane cultivates character as we build habits and demonstrate Integrity, generosity, devotion, etc.
  3. Competency – God develops necessary skills and lessons during the mundane seasons to prepare us for what’s ahead.
  4. Community – Serving others in our daily life cultivates community.
  5. Contentment – We learn contentment by focusing on what we can appreciate in the present moment.

Do not to grow weary of doing what is right because “in due time we will reap a harvest.” The mundane is miraculous when we see God at work in it.

Ask God to cultivate calling, competency, character, community and contentment in our lives through the mundane.


Numbers 11:4-6, Numbers 11:11-23, Galatians 6:9, 1 Samuel 16:11

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