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Rich Toward God: What Jesus Says About Money

Managers Not Masters

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Money. For many of us, it’s a dirty word, laden with shame, stress, and secrecy. Our finances feel like a private source of anxiety, not an opportunity from God. But what if we could break free from cultural lies about our worth and work towards financial freedom in Christ? What if we started seeing money as a tool, not a treasure?

We will explore six truths that just might revolutionize the way you view your finances, moving from scarcity to abundance, and entitlement to gratitude. These principles from Scripture can empower you to invest your resources with purpose and joy. The days of dodging money conversations are over. A new financial journey awaits.

  1. Money is a convenient symbol of value, not a goal in itself. It represents possibility and access to things, but not intrinsic worth.
  2. Our money does not truly belong to us. We are managers of God’s money, entrusted to steward and invest it for good.
  3. We must rightly manage God’s money now, not later. We need to get our financial affairs in order promptly.
  4. The more money God has given us, the more he expects us to make a return with it. We should invest what we’ve been given, not compare ourselves to others.
  5. As our hearts align more with God’s heart, it will change how we invest our money, prioritizing love, justice, contentment, sharing, helping the poor, and tithing.
  6. We should save wisely according to the principles in Proverbs.
  7. We should give our money cheerfully, as an investment in God’s kingdom.
  8. The more we understand the gospel of grace, the less entitled we will feel and the more grateful we will be for what God has given us. Our money should ultimately serve God’s purposes.

As we conclude our journey towards financial freedom, where is God inviting you to take a courageous first step? Perhaps it’s finally getting your affairs in order, or setting up that automatic tithe you’ve put off. For others, it may be confessing and repenting of anxiety, greed or coveting. We all need more grace. But we also need conviction, propelling us to obey God’s word.

Picture yourself 5 years from now looking back with gratitude, having embraced God’s principles around money and generosity. The future you is sending back encouragement: the effort is so worth it. Press on and align your heart with God’s.

Use money as it’s meant to be used – as an instrument pointing to Jesus.

May our finances never again be a source of shame, but rather joy. The work is hard, but the reward – lives rich towards God – makes it all worthwhile.


Luke 12:48, Deuteronomy 14:22, Matthew 23:23, Proverbs 3:9, 2 Corinthians 9:7, Ecclesiastes 3:12-13

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