Making Bible Reading a Priority

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When your eyes meet the pages of Scripture each day, more than words on a page await you – life-changing wisdom emerges. Absorbing the Bible’s wisdom daily will nurture intimacy with your Creator, illuminate your path, and strengthen you spiritually for God’s purpose.

Regularly feeding on Scripture trains your soul, eliminates dead weight, and sparks transformation within. Make reading God’s Word a nonnegotiable routine – prepare to be rocked by divine insight, aligned with heaven’s purpose, and filled with spiritual vitality.

  • Knowing God. Diving into Scripture reveals the character and nature of God, His redemptive plan through history, and His relentless love for you.
  • Receiving Direction.God’s Word functions as a lamp illuminating your path, exposing sin, and guiding decisions. It equips you to handle whatever life brings.
  • Spiritual Exercise. Regularly reading the Bible keeps you spiritually sharp and prepared to fulfill God’s purpose in your life and share the gospel. Without consuming God’s Word, you risk becoming empty and prone to temptation.

Prioritize absorbing Scripture’s wisdom daily. Not only will you grow in your relationship with God, but God’s Word will empower and embolden you to live a purposeful life and share the gospel with others. Commit yourself to the spiritual exercise of reading the Bible – it will change your life.


John 1:1-5, 14 , James 1:22 , Psalm 119:105 , Ephesians 3:1-12 , 2 Timothy 3: 14-17

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