Love What Lasts

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Christians are prone to loving the wrong things in this world, which can lead others to doubt their faith. We must love what lasts: God and people.

What to love:

  • Love God with everything
  • Love people, in an intense self-sacrificial way like Jesus. This means repenting of any hatred towards others.

What not to love:

  • Do not love the world or its desires. The worldly system will eventually pass away.
  • The desires of the flesh, eyes and pride of life draw us away from loving God.

How to redirect your love:

  • Remember your sins are forgiven through Jesus, reminding you of your identity as God’s child.
  • Experienced Christians should lean into what they know of God who has always been faithful.
  • Younger Christians should remember they have overcome through Christ’s strength and the Word abiding in them.

Let the promises of the Gospel renew and redirect your heart to truly love God and people.

Learn to love what lasts.


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