Love One Another

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The words of eternal life burn within these pages, but will you recognize their transformative power? John’s letter cuts to the heart of what truly matters: Do we know the Father’s heart of unconditional love? Or do we remain strangers to grace, unable to loose the chains of bitterness and resentment that bind our souls.

For only those who have tasted heaven’s boundless pardon can hope to extend it to others. And only those who walk in love walk in the light, embraced by the Father who first loved them.

So open these ancient words anew and let the Spirit quicken within you a hope that has lain dormant. For the voice that now whispers could become a shout that wakes the dead and transforms a weary world, if only you would listen.

  • Our distinguishing mark as Christians is how we love one another. If we have received God’s love, we naturally release it to others.
  • We are either children of God or children of evil depending who our “father” is. As children, we emulate the characteristics of our father – either love or selfishness.
  • Our level of forgiveness determines our level of anointing. When we forgive from the heart, we bring down God’s kingdom and pull up demonic influence when we refuse to forgive.

The world is watching to see if our love is real. When wronged, will we retaliate in kind or rise above? When we see a need, will we turn away or meet it? True love meets people where they are, just as Christ met us in our brokenness and lifted us up.

We must resolve to release the bitterness and walk in gratitude, knowing we are deeply loved and freely forgiven. Let’s choose action over apathy. Let our lives proclaim the good news that another way is possible–a way of grace where the last become first and enemies become family. The world is waiting for a glimpse of heaven. The question remains: will we show them the way?

The words on this page point to a truth far greater. But words alone cannot transform hearts or change the world. Only love that is lived and given away freely holds that power. So let these words propel you into action, and move mountains with the love the Father has placed within you. The kingdom is at hand–go and show them the way.


Matthew 7:21, Genesis 4, Acts 7, Matthew 6, 1 John 3:11, 1 John 3:16-18

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