Lose It, Keep It

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The words of Jesus can be disruptive – upending our comfortable lives and calling us to die to ourselves. But if we have eyes to see, we will behold the one who offers eternal life to all who follow him.

This passage reveals three truths about following Christ: it begins when we see him for who he truly is, it demands we take up our cross daily, and it comes with promises that fuel our journey. If we allow Jesus’ words to transform us, we will find the true life he promises.

  1. Following Jesus begins with seeing Jesus. The Greeks wanted to see Jesus, and through John’s gospel, readers are also invited to see Jesus – in his serving, suffering, death and resurrection. Seeing Jesus leads to following him.
  2. Following Jesus requires death. First, it requires Jesus’ death on the cross for our forgiveness. Then, it requires our death to ourselves – denying our own desires and taking up our cross daily to follow him. This is costly but ultimately brings life.
  3. Following Jesus comes with promises. Jesus promises those who follow him eternal life, his presence, and the honor of the Father. These promises are based on who Jesus is, not what they are. They are gifts of grace, not something we deserve.

Jesus’ call to follow him may sound hard, but when we hear it with ears of faith, we realize the reward far outweighs the cost. The life he offers is far better than anything this world can provide.

So will you allow his words to disrupt your comfortable life?

Will you see him for who he truly is – the Son of God who came to give life to all who believe?

If so, take up your cross and follow him, fueled by his precious promises. You will not be disappointed. You will find the eternal life, the presence of God, and the honor of the Father that only Jesus can give. So turn from yourself, put your trust in Christ alone, and walk the path he has set before you. Though the way may be hard at times, you will find it leads to true and everlasting life.


John 12:20-26

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