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The cross stands at the center of Christian faith – an instrument of torture that Jesus willingly submitted to, to save humanity from its sins. Yet the cross reveals the deepest truths about God and His love for us. Jesus calls it “this hour” – an hour that would be truly disturbing, yet glory-filled. An hour that would both judge and redeem the world.

There are five crucial truths Jesus teaches us through the cross – truths that can change our lives forever.

  1. The cross is truly disturbing. Jesus felt troubled at the prospect of being crucified. The physical and spiritual weight of bearing the sins of the world was crushing.
  2. The cross reveals the glory of God. It was at the cross that we see the essence of God – His love meeting justice. The cross shows God’s willingness to sacrifice Himself for us.
  3. The cross judges the world. By crucifying the Son of God, humanity showed how evil it had become. The cross also resulted in Satan’s defeat.
  4. The cross draws people to Jesus. When Jesus is lifted up, He draws all people to Himself, from every tribe and nation.
  5. The cross looks foolish to the world. The idea of God dying seems absurd. But to those who are being saved, it is the wisdom and power of God.

The cross can transform our lives if we respond to the truth it reveals. Will you accept Jesus’ sacrifice on your behalf? Will you follow Him, even to the cross? Though it may require dying to yourself, it leads to life eternal.

Jesus calls us to walk with Him while we have the light, lest darkness overtakes us. Don’t wait – today is the day of salvation. Trust and follow the Son of Man, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. In Him, you’ll find the purpose, hope and joy that this world cannot provide.

The cross reveals God’s wisdom and power to save. Will you receive it and be changed? If so, bow before the Christ and follow Him for the rest of your days. The glory that the cross reveals is meant to shine through you into this dark world, drawing others to the Light of the world.

Let the cross transform your life today. Death leads to life in Christ.


John 12:27-36

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