Learning to Lead

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Are you feeling stuck in life? Like no matter how hard you work, you can’t get ahead? You go from one job to the next, but never feel truly fulfilled. Your friends and recreation are your escapes, but even they lose their appeal. And at home, it seems like you’re always battling just to be heard. How did life get this way?

Most of us grew up being told if we worked hard, provided for our families, that’s what being a man is all about. But somewhere along the line, things changed. This story is about three guys who started asking tough questions about why they felt so empty, despite outer successes. It’s about what they discovered was missing from their lives, and how they found purpose they never knew was possible.

  1. Men have been hustled by culture into believing that their purpose and happiness lies in career success, money, and recreation rather than family and God.
  2. Genesis accounts reveal that God created men to work and lead, but their environment is cursed, and their primary helper, their wife, has also been affected by sin and is tempted to usurp the man’s role as leader.
  3. To get their lives back on track, men need to love their wives sacrificially, communicatively, and spiritually by leading their family in faith, regaining their wife’s respect and trust.

Mike, Joe and Jim realized the key to living life to the fullest wasn’t more stuff, money or transitory pleasures. True happiness came from deepening the bonds with those who mattered most – their wives and children. They learned that a real man faces life’s challenges side by side with his family, not out on his own or in some bar.

A real man leads by example through hard work, faith and service to others above himself. While the road wasn’t easy, each man discovered what really gave his life meaning – the daily rewards of nurturing relationships built on honesty, trust and mutual support through good times and bad. If you’re feeling adrift, it might help to take a close look at what really fuels you each day and who your truest supporters are.

You have the power to choose everyday actions that strengthen those connections and give you the lasting fulfillment you’ve been missing. The alternative will only lead to more of the same empty chasing after things that never stick. It’s time to get real about what – and who – really matter.


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