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How to Get What You Really Want

Last Things First

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We all have desires that promise fulfillment yet leave us feeling empty. Houses, careers, relationships pursued for what we want now rarely satisfy our deepest needs. But what if a simple exercise could reveal what really matters most? An insight that shows the path to a life of purpose, joy and peace others envy. An exploration that brings our wants in line with a higher calling.

Today we’ll share such a discovery, one man’s ah-ha moment that forever changed his choices. By journey’s end, you may find enlightenment on your own life’s priorities and direction. Are you ready to know what you truly value? Let’s begin.

  • There is a difference between what one naturally wants in the moment and what one ultimately values as most important. Natural wants are often in conflict with deeper values.
  • An experience is shared of doing a “funeral exercise” from a book. The exercise involves imagining one’s own funeral and what would be said about character, relationships, work. This helps discover what is truly valued.
  • Some things realized as valued were integrity, honesty and treating people well. Failures came to be viewed as failing to live according to values.
  • For believers, a better question is posed as “what does God want for us?”. It is argued God wants things for people, not from people – such as love, joy and peace. Living this way leads to greater fulfillment than pursuing natural wants.
  • One is urged to reflect on what is truly valued, potentially doing the funeral exercise. Discovering this helps prioritize values and avoids settling for natural wants in the moment.
  • In summary, the focus is on distinguishing natural wants from deeper values, and discovering the latter to find greater fulfillment and direction in life. For believers, living out “the fruit of the Spirit” aligns with God’s desires.

The desires that scream loudest are not always our soul’s song. But in the stillness, transcending surface wants, waits your purpose’s melody. Have you courage to listen? Wisdom calls you deeper, where your heart’s music harmonizes with the divine. Do not leave here the same – this decision shapes every relationship, moment, legacy. Will you live for momentary wants or walk in your true worth?

Your funerary vision calls – its hope, its challenge now yours to fulfill. Let its truth transform how you love, work, spend each gift of time. Rise to your calling; let your life sing the world to joy. The journey to life well lived starts here. What is yours to value? The choice, my friends, is yours alone.


Galatians 5:22-23

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