Judge Not

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How should we live in a world filled with injustice? The temptation is to judge others and exact our own justice, but we are not perfect judges. In a sermon based on the story of Cain and Abel in Genesis 4, Andy Stanley urges us to instead trust Jesus’ promise of final justice while living as he taught us in the meantime. He explains that Jesus delayed his own judgment so that those who had not lived properly could receive his sacrifice, though we will all still give an account one day for how we lived our own lives.

  • Jesus is God’s son and our King, and he promises justice in the end.
  • In this life, we face injustice and see people not living properly, which tempts us to judge and exact our own justice. But we are not perfect judges.
  • Instead of judging, we are called to trust Jesus to ultimately bring justice while we live as he taught us, making the right sacrifices and prioritizing him.
  • Jesus delayed his own justice so that those who had not lived properly could turn to him through his sacrifice.
  • We will all give an account one day for how we lived, though we are saved by Christ’s sacrifice.

We live in the tension of trusting in God’s final justice while living rightly in this life. Though we face injustice, we are reminded to make the right sacrifices, prioritize God, and leave the ultimate judgment to Jesus, who invites us to trust him.


John 5:22, Genesis 4

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