Joy Begins With God’s Joy

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What if I told you that even in the midst of life’s deepest sorrows, your heart could overflow with a joy that amazes? That in the moments we feel most lost, help and acceptance speed to lift us up? Join me in exploring how the source of hope himself – our Creator, Redeemer and Friend – modeled a happiness far beyond what this world can offer.

Through insights into His very nature, Jesus will guide us to a wellspring of gladness available to all. Come discover how God’s own delight in us lays the foundation for joy that withstands any test.

  1. Jesus/God experiences profound joy and happiness in his relationship with humanity. He delights in us.
  2. This joy begins with God’s own nature and is the foundation for our ability to experience joy, even in difficult circumstances.
  3. The parables in Luke 15 portray God running with joy to embrace repentant sinners, showing his joy is profoundly personal.

This Advent, do not let hardship dim the light of Christ within you. Whatever sorrows or mistakes weigh you down, take courage – our Father runs to embrace the penitent with a love stronger than any force this world can summon against us. Turn your eyes upon Jesus, see His outstretched arms calling you home. There the worthiness and acceptance you crave await.

This joy all may know is not reserved for a chosen few who have life together – it belongs to all the lost, the lonely, the weary and heavy laden who come in faith. Accept the invitation to sup with God, taste of His unending gladness. Then go in peace to share with others the hope that can lift any spirit and heal any brokenness. This is your calling – become bearers of joy to a world that stands in desperate need.


Zephaniah 3:14-17

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