Jesus Waze – Part 2

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What does it really mean to be “poor in spirit”? Far more than just economic hardship, Jesus teaches that the poor in spirit are blessed, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. This poverty goes to the very core of who we are – a recognition of our desperate spiritual bankruptcy before God. When we comprehend how fully incapable we are of saving ourselves or wisely directing our lives, the doorway opens for complete dependence on our Creator.

Jesus’ directive to embrace spiritual poverty launches a radical counteroffensive to human pride and self-sufficiency. As we will see, the poor in spirit admit their powerlessness to redeem their own souls, plead for heavenly wisdom to guide their decisions, desperately rely on divine strength to endure life’s batterings, and trust God’s faithful protection when under attack. Becoming poor in spirit leads to a glorious inheritance – the unlimited riches of God’s kingdom and the soaring freedom of resting in His capable hands.

  1. Being “poor in spirit” means recognizing your complete dependence on God for salvation through Jesus Christ. No one can earn their way to heaven even partially – salvation is through Christ alone.
  2. Being “poor in spirit” means depending on God for wisdom in living. We should not rely on our own understanding or feelings to guide decisions, but seek God’s wisdom through prayer and studying His Word.
  3. Being “poor in spirit” means relying on God’s strength for living, not our own. Life is hard and we need supernatural strength from God to handle difficulties.
  4. Being “poor in spirit” means trusting God for patience as we wait on Him. While we are waiting, God is still at work even when we can’t see it.
  5. Being “poor in spirit” means trusting God for protection against attacks in this harsh world. We should not retaliate against insults, but instead trust the One who judges rightly.

Embracing spiritual poverty is a paradoxical path to the greatest riches. When we finally admit our penury before God, we tap into the infinite blessings Christ died to provide – salvation from sin, wisdom for life’s journey, strength for trials, and refuge from the world’s assaults.

Clinging to self-sufficiency is a heavy burden likely to crush us under adversity. But the poor in spirit enter the freedom of the open hands – able to receive grace upon grace from the open hands of God. As we relinquish counterfeit power and protection, we gain authentic authority and security as cherished children in our Good Father’s household.

The choice is clear, but often difficult. Will we go on asserting our independence, trying to navigate life’s tempestuous seas while awkwardly wielding the oars ourselves? Or will we awaken to our poverty of spirit, cry out to the Lord of the winds and waves, and let Him guide our vessel to safe harbor? Denying the lie of self-reliance is painful, but embracing the truth of our dependence on God is the first step on the road to spiritual transformation.

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