Jesus Waze – Part 1

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In a world of confusion, anxiety and endless options, we desperately need clarity and direction. We need someone to guide us on the right path. Jesus provided that long ago and still does today. When he saw the searching crowds, filled with compassion, he called his followers aside to equip them with kingdom truths. Seating himself as an intimate teacher about to pour out heavy words of life, Jesus opened his mouth to impart core principles for understanding and thriving. Those first disciples crowded in close, hungry for the wisdom only he could give to their famished hearts.

The same words speak today across the centuries into our modern maze of swirling voices. Will we also draw near to hear and surrender to Jesus’ regimen for the soul? As we submit fully to his ways, the confusion fades and his peace and purpose rise within us. Let’s examine his first words and embrace the call to come, hear and follow anew.

  1. Jesus sees the crowds and has compassion on them, seeing an opportunity to teach them about the kingdom of God. 
  2. Jesus goes up on a mountain, sits down with his disciples, indicating intimacy and a readiness to pour himself into them through his teaching.  
  3. Jesus opens his mouth, meaning that the very words of God are about to flow out to instruct his followers. What he speaks has weight and authority.
  4. Jesus begins to teach them, not just on one occasion but continually, through his Spirit who continues to teach and convict believers. 
  5. The disciples come to Jesus, desperate for answers and direction for their confused and searching hearts.

Jesus’ words that day revolutionized history. They turned fishermen into world-changers. Prostitutes into devoted followers. Persecutors into bold preachers. The discouraged into joy-filled believers. His words exposed sin, shredded religious facades, and welcomed the broken. They promised wholeness amidst sickness, friendship to the lonely, riches despite poverty and life defeating death. Astoundingly, these words retain their wonder-working power today. They still transform liars and addicts, cynics and wanderers. All who have ears to hear.

We need not walk another day in confusion or aimless drifting. Jesus holds out truth and grace to direct every step home. Whatever our emptiness, whatever our questions, his wisdom satisfies. Perhaps it’s time you came to Jesus. Or came back to Jesus after years adrift. His words are life to the soul and health to the body. They alone produce fruit that remains. And fruit-bearing followers are the only lasting advertisement of a life touched by God.

Jesus is still drawing people to himself. Still seating them at his feet. Still opening his mouth to correct and cheer. The call remains the same as it did that extraordinary day on the mountain: “Come to me. Listen. Learn. Let me change you from the inside out as you follow in my steps.” Won’t you answer that call even today?

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