Jesus is Our Reconciler

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Repairing shattered relationships is never easy, but doing so can change lives and generations for the better. When we reconcile with those who have hurt us deeply, setting aside anger and unforgiveness, we experience true freedom and walk as new creations in Christ.

Marcus has seen firsthand the transformational power of reconciliation when he forgave those who took the lives of his parents. Today he shares how repairing broken relationships with our fathers, though not easy, is part of our ministry and calling as Christians.

If we humble ourselves and extend forgiveness as Christ has forgiven us, reconciliation can change the trajectory of our families and lives forever.

  1. Reconciliation is important and brings generational change. We have been given a ministry and message of reconciliation in Christ.
  2. Reconciliation means restoring broken relationships. It means seeing and treating others as God sees and treats them.
  3. To reconcile, we must humble ourselves, lay down our pride, forgive, and admit wrongdoing. It comes not from our own strength but from what Christ has already done.
  4. Reconciling with others, even those who have hurt us deeply, sets us free and allows us to walk in newness of life as Christians.
  5. The church should be on the forefront of reconciliation, being different than the world in how we repair broken relationships. Reconciliation should be a part of our lives as followers of Christ.

Reconciling with those who have hurt you runs counter to human instincts, but doing so allows you to walk in the freedom Christ intends for you. Extending forgiveness and love to those who have wounded you most deeply places you on the path to true liberation and healing.

Though the journey may be difficult, the rewards last a lifetime- and beyond. Take the first steps toward reconciliation even now. Lay down your unforgiveness and seek to see others as Christ sees them. Ask God to give you courage and wisdom, and He will walk this road with you.

Remember that in Christ, all things are made new – relationships can be restored, hurt can give way to healing, and brokenness can become wholeness. Allow God’s reconciling work through Christ to guide you into repairing relationships that need mending – the consequences will bless you, your family, and future generations for years to come.


2 Corinthians 5:17-18, Matthew 18:21-22, Matthew 5:22-24

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