Jesus Is Our Advocate

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From the moment we are born, we find ourselves in a desperate predicament. A war rages within our hearts, pulling us toward sin and selfishness. We feel isolated, burdened by guilt and searching for hope. Yet there is good news – a Mediator has come who desires to reconcile us to God.

His name is Jesus Christ.

When we place our trust in Him as our Advocate, a light begins to shine in our darkness. As we behold the true desires of our heavenly Father for us, we find freedom from shame and joy in His embrace. This Christmas season, let us reflect upon the true meaning of our need for a Savior and God’s abundant desire to save.

  1. Having Christ as our Advocate and Mediator allows us to honestly reflect on our own sin and shortcomings. The more we see Christ, the more we see our own dark heart. But this does not lead to self-loathing, because we have Christ advocating for us.
  2. We must be wary of believing we no longer need an Advocate. Those who think they no longer need Christ’s help end up making shipwreck of their faith.
  3. God desires all people to be saved, not just certain types of people. He wants everyone to come to faith in Christ. We should not limit who we think God wants to save.
  4. God truly desires us and wants us to come to saving faith in Christ. When we repent and believe, it brings joy to God’s heart. We can give God what he wants by putting our trust in Jesus.
  5. Christmas is a reminder that there is light in the darkness. Jesus came as light into a dark world, giving us hope.

Christmas calls us to remember that light has come into our darkness. Jesus, our Advocate and Mediator, desires for us to come to saving faith in Him. When we place our hope in Him, we give great joy to the Father’s heart.

So this Christmas, reflect deeply upon your need for a Savior. Repent of going your own way, and put your trust in Jesus Christ. Let His light shine within you, transforming your heart and life from the inside out. Rejoice in the joy you give to your heavenly Father when you embrace His Son as your Mediator and Advocate.

This Christmas, receive the greatest gift ever given – the love of God made manifest in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


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