It’s Time!

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Growth and revival are afoot, but something is still missing. Attendance numbers may be up across multiple campuses, yet fanaticism for Jesus remains lukewarm. Good news inflames the saved, yet the lost remain unaffected. The gospel spreads by reproduction – duplication of disciples making disciples. But comfortable Christianity resists the struggle of spiritual rebirth.

The solution? An uprising rooted in God’s Word and disciplined by His presence. A valley-wide revolution where youth blaze the trail yet age and wisdom guide the way. An explosion of Holy Spirit power where fans become followers, the apathetic become activated, and the isolated are sent to infiltrate.

True discipleship requires sacrifice. The courage to surrender lies only in comprehension of the reward: transformed lives now and for eternity. Understanding comes through teachers imparting insight. Conviction is forged by mentors sharing experience. The fruit is cultivated through worship, prayer, andScripture’s saturation. But the seed must be planted again. An ongoing cycle – its only conclusion being that day when every knee finally bows.

  1. The church is experiencing revival and growth across its campuses. More disciples are needed to sustain and spread this movement.
  2. True discipleship requires having a teacher to impart biblical truth, a mentor to provide wisdom and guidance, practicing spiritual disciplines like prayer and worship, and reproducing by making other disciples.
  3. The church plans to launch a discipleship movement focusing first on children, youth and young adults using updated materials and dedicated disciple-makers.
  4. The vision includes eventually coordinating with other churches to create a valley-wide discipleship movement and sending out youth and young adults as missionaries.
  5. Becoming a fully devoted follower of Jesus requires sacrifice and commitment but is necessary to reach more people with the gospel message.

The horizon glimmers with first light, yet dusk threatens subtly. The hour is late, but not beyond hope. Revival fires continue flickering, slowly spreading – fuel awaiting proper ignition. That spark begins within; a decision leading to discipleship.

Christ’s call still resounds today as profoundly as it did 2000 years ago: “Come, follow me.” The invitation to all yet accepted by few. Because to truly follow requires sacrifice. Giving up lesser loves to gain the greatest Love. Exchanging comfort for conviction. Abandoning earthly image to manifest His heavenly likeness.

But what is temporal cost to inherit infinite blessing? Momentary struggle to walk in permanent favor? Trivial inconveniences to gain treasure unending? Discipleship is the pearl of greatest price; a jewel purchased through persistence. One digs relentlessly until discovered.

Do you seek such treasure? Are you prepared to possess it? If so, become part of this revolution! Add wood to the altar fires! Help sound heaven’s call so earth finally responds. The fields are ripe for harvest workers to gather it. More than attendance, it is devoted allegiance He desires. Determined commitment to live blessed – and be a blessing. This revival awaits only one thing: you.


Psalm 71:16-18

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