It’s Only Physical

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We’ve all been lied to about love and intimacy. From a young age, society programs us to believe that sex is simply a physical act without deeper consequences. But what if that’s not the whole truth? What if sex has the power to either build deep bonds or leave you feeling hollow inside? Today we’ll explore how new research on human psychology debunks common myths about sexuality. By the end, you’ll better understand the illusions many live under and gain insights that can empower you to find real, fulfilling intimacy.

  • The devil wants to deceive people and tell half-truths to lead them astray when it comes to love and sex.
  • Sex outside of marriage always leads to pain, connection, distrust, and dissatisfaction. It’s meant to illustrate the intimacy God wants with us.
  • Single people should see abstaining from sex as an investment in future intimacy with their spouse. Married people should repent if they had sex before marriage and ask God to restore intimacy.
  • God sees our bodies as his temples, so we should honor him with our bodies and not join ourselves to others through sex outside of marriage.

In closing, how we view sexuality has real impacts on our well-being and relationships. Those who treat sex primarily as a physical outlet often feel dissatisfied and find it difficult to form secure bonds of trust. However, those who see intimacy as intertwined with emotional and spiritual connection tend to experience fewer complications and more fulfilling partnerships long-term. While old habits can be hard to break, making different choices today based on what science tells us about human nature can help avoid pain down the road. You have the power to steer your own path.

I encourage you to reflect carefully on whether the approach you’ve taken truly serves your own long-term happiness and allows you to develop the deeply satisfying connections for which we all strive.


1 Corinthians 6:19-20

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