It Is I, Do Not Be Afraid

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This morning we reflect on the familiar story of Jesus walking on water, found in Mark chapter 6. While we may know this tale well, there is always more we can learn when we study the Word of God. In particular, this passage teaches us three key truths: Jesus displayed his divine nature by walking on the sea, the disciples were fearful but Jesus told them to take courage, and through it all, Jesus demonstrated his mighty power over nature by stilling the winds. As we examine this Scripture, may our faith be stirred to step out in boldness, knowing that the One who rules the winds and waves is with us through every storm.

  • Jesus walks on water, displaying his divine power as God.
  • The disciples are afraid when they see Jesus walking on the water.
  • Jesus tells the disciples to take heart and not be afraid because it is him.
  • Peter walks on the water towards Jesus but becomes afraid and starts sinking.
  • Jesus saves Peter and they get into the boat, and the wind ceases, showing Jesus’ power.

When the storms of life rock our boats, we can feel so alone and afraid, just like the disciples. Yet we have nothing to fear, for Jesus has shown he is the Son of God by conquering the chaos of this world. When we call out to him in faith, he will lift us up. When chaos surrounds us, he will bring peace if we let him into our boats. And one day, he will return to erase storms forever. By walking on water, Jesus displayed he is worthy of our complete trust. By dying on the cross, he showed unconditional love. Keep your eyes fixed on him through every tempest, and you will find courage.


Mark 6:45-56

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