Is My Schedule Normal?

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Our lives today are increasingly hurried, busy and overwhelming. While constant stress and lack of margin has become normal for many, it doesn’t have to be. A simpler, less frenzied life is possible when we slow down, focus on what matters most and trust that God will guide us.

Key points:

  • Prioritize what really matters. Focus on the important over the merely urgent.
  • Plan time to pull away from the busyness. Make space for rest, renewal and reconnecting with God.
  • Practice trusting God over living in fear. Choose to believe that God will provide for you and guide you.
  • Restore your soul. Make time for the things that truly nourish and sustain you.

By prioritizing the important over the merely urgent, planning time to pull away and rest, and choosing faith over fear, we can restore our souls and live with more peace and purpose. Though the demands of life are many, we serve a God who offers to carry the load with us.


Revelation 4:11, Psalm 46:10 , Luke 10:38-42, Matthew 6:25-33 , Psalm 23

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