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In The Beginning

In God’s Image

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Every person bears God’s image, though we often lose sight of its dignity. Rediscovering our identity requires recognizing our shared design, taking responsibility to reflect God rightly, and refocusing our rule on Christlike service. Despite our failings, subtle transformation awaits as we rebehold our Maker’s face.

  1. Recognize and remember the image of God – Every human is made in God’s image and has dignity and value. This is seen in God’s willingness to sacrifice Jesus to restore humanity.
  2. Reflect and represent the image of God – As God’s image-bearers, we are to reflect God’s love, justice, healing, etc. to the world around us. However, we often end up reflecting created things instead.
  3. Repent and rule as the image of God – Jesus shows us the perfect example of ruling through humility and service. We can repent and regain our role by looking to his example. Our transformation back to reflecting God happens subtly over time as we behold Christ.

God crafted humanity to mirror His loving governance through our relationships. Over time, our reflection has dimmed as lesser affections displace our Creator in our hearts. Christ renews our vision as the perfect Image-Bearer. By his example and power, our empty chasing gives way to purposeful living once more. Our revival need not be instant; simply steady sight of Jesus until we represent God’s reign again in every small act. The Spirit patiently reforms each willing heart, restoring the beauty of God’s image.


Genesis 1:26-28

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