Idols and the Servant of God

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When crises come and hopes seem dashed, we often turn to idols for security. But Scripture warns that idols ultimately disappoint. Through the prophet Isaiah, God promises surprising good news for the weary and downtrodden – victory, transformation and provision through his unexpected servant. Explore the images Isaiah uses that show how God wins through Jesus Christ.

  1. Idols fail, God wins. Idols are anything other than God that we give ultimate trust, obedience or love. Our idols ultimately disappoint us.
  2. There is victory for the surrounded. Even though Israel felt surrounded by enemies, God promised to provide victory and destruction of their enemies. This points to Christ’s victory over sin, Satan and death.
  3. There is transformation for “worms”. God takes the lowly and transforms them into instruments that can crush mountains. He will complete the work he started in us.
  4. There is provision for the thirsty. God promises to provide for our needs, like water for those who are thirsty. Jesus offers the living water that satisfies eternally.
  5. The surprising news is that God provides through an unexpected servant – Jesus Christ. Jesus is described as gentle, not shouting or breaking the bruised or extinguishing the faintly burning wick. He carries out justice in a humble way.

What idols do we still cling to? And are we open to receive God’s provision through his gentle servant Jesus? He offers the living water that truly satisfies. Will we drink deeply and be transformed into the people God created us to be? These ancient truths should spur us on to lay down our idols, cling to Jesus, and step into the victory, transformation and provision he longs to give each one of us.


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