Identity Based Habits

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Change often begins with small steps. Simple habits repeated every day. But have you ever wondered if you’re doing the “right” small things – the habits that will actually make a lasting difference? Most of us aim for quick results or short-term goals that leave us feeling empty inside. But God sees our potential. He knows who we were made to be.

And on this journey of change, he not only wants to transform our habits – he wants to reshape our identities at the core. He sees us as mighty warriors with a divine purpose. But first he must tear down false identities built on fear and pride. As we let him rebuild character, he’ll show us the small steps toward true significance..

  1. Small habits over time make a huge difference. It’s the small changes that create the biggest results. But we need to persist with the habits even when we don’t see results immediately.
  2. God sees our true identity, not just what we currently are. He sees our potential and calls us what we can become. We need to focus on who we want to become, not just goals we want to achieve.
  3. God tears down things in our lives like fears, pride, and doubts in order to build up our faith, fill us with his power, and build our confidence. The tearing down process is tough but necessary for growth.
  4. Identity-based habits that flow from who we truly are are more powerful than goal-based habits. We need to connect our habits to our God-given identity.
  5. God wants to tear down enemies in our lives, but first he tears down things within us that are holding us back. He deals with our inner character first.
  6. God is more interested in our character development than our comfort or what we’re currently doing. He wants to build us up and make us into who he’s called us to be.

So don’t be discouraged on this path of change. The valleys you walk through now are shaping the person you will become. Lean into God’s transformation – both the tearing down and building up. Let him reveal your true identity, and then follow his leading one step at a time. Though you may not see results immediately, keep walking in the strength you have. Because the God who sees your potential is with you, and he will complete the good work he has begun.

This journey isn’t about achieving goals – it’s about becoming the person God created you to be. So give him your whole heart, and take the first small step toward true significance. The deepest changes always begin there.


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